We offer:
▪ Fishing raw materials - cod, sprat, Baltic sprat (only as fishing) and delivery of flounder to ports of the Baltic Sea
▪ Fishing vessel’s type MRTK “Baltika” in working condition

We interesting in:
▪ Fishing vessel’s type trawler in working condition with RSW system, which has a length up to 30 meters, a maximal draught up to 4 meters, power of a main engine up to 700 kW.

Ship repairing and metal working ( Photos 123 )

We offer:
Russian Meritime Register of Shipping certificate Nr. 03.00114.123 is for repairing of hull, engine, equipment and mechanism
▪ Ship repairing in dock, where is available a vertical ski lift with
a hoisting capacity 600 tonnes, maximum length of the hoisting ship must not be over 60 meters, beam 9 m, draft 4,20 m.
▪ Cleaning of metal pieces with the help of effective sandblasting device
▪ Binary painting with a use of airbrush
▪ Gas and electric welding works, including argon.
Qualification of welding works is approved by L’loids sertificate Nr
▪ The company is operating on the new maintenance base which covers more than 500m², which allows improving working conditions, culture of work and its quality. Now 160 000 EUR are invested in new metal manufacturing machinery. They allow to perform:

Turning and milling:

▪ Turning - maximum dimensions of details: length - 4 000 mm, diameter - 900 mm;
▪ Milling works - the maximal size of details: 1010x400x420 mm
▪ Manufacturing of bevel-gears - diameter up to 400 mm
▪ Flexion of metal details with different shapes including ▌ ■ ● ∟ Т П О □
▪ Metal-cutting with the help of hydraulic guillotine - gauge up to 12mm, width of a sheet up to 3000mm
▪ Good interconnection with authorized companies of ship repairing in Lithuania and Estonia