About us

With an intention to begin an unaffiliated entrepreneurship and participate in privatization of fishing collective farm “Banga” future founders had been having two years of significant race for their rights on “piece of the privatization pie” hiring ships from the collecting farm at the same time. As a result, in 1993 Limited fishing company “Grifs” was founded.

The company grows and develops, creating repair station of ships, increased fishing-fleet and established a control of quotas over a catch of Latvia in the Baltic Sea, which nowadays is 10,8% of cod and 9% of sprat. We have gained experience, dealing with Latvian customers and other countries of the Baltic Sea region. Having regard of limited piscatorial facilities, it is not necessary to tell about fishery development, because further growth of the company relates with a modernization of repair station of ships, offering to clients large-scale and qualitative services in repairing ships and metal-working industries.